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an amazing therapy center for children

Our Therapies & Services

● Occupational ● Speech ●  Physical ●

● Feeding ● Sensory Integration ● Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) ●

● Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) ● Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) ●


● Group Therapies: Dyads, Siblings, etc. ●

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Their sensory gym has really made a difference in my child's therapy.  Been doing OT for 2 years na sa iba and only here in Little Sparks for the past 6 months with them na nag-improve ang gross-motor ng baby ko.

Mommy W.

In just 3 months with Little Sparks, we observed a lot of progress. We couldn't be happier with the way he continues to improve everyday.

Your expertise really helped us in so many ways

Mommy B.

Significant and noticeable improvement in less than a month.  Speech has improved and he now communicates more meaningfully

Daddy R.

Our 2nd born had difficulty speaking and no gibberish is coming out from him at 2y/o. After only more or less 6mo he already has full words to say and can now follow simple instructions.


Kudos to the team and may God bless you for the patience, effort and care you give to the kids.

Daddy G.

We are miles away from Manila so we availed online sessions. I pay them on a monthly basis and there are multiple instances that we missed some sessions. I appreciate how they will arrange a make up class immediately and they always consider our current situation.​​​

Mommy M.


Our Unique Features


51 sqm Pediatric Sensory Gym

with USA Suspension Equipment

70% of our equipment, toys and tools are sourced directly from the USA

Usage International Standard Assessment Tools (not all centers have or use this).

Strict Disinfection Protocol - at entry, in between sessions and daily fogging when we close.


A good sensory gym maximizes the benefits of your child's therapies


Don't Ignore Signs Of:

Developmental Delays

Behavioral Problems

Social Disinterest

Constant and Prolonged Tantrums

Asian Boy

"Parents, we are here for YOU."

At Little Sparks Therapy Center, you will find a caring team of licensed, certified and experienced therapists whose aim is help your child acquire skills to function better in life. Starting with individual therapies then progressing into dyad or group therapies later on, depending on the child.

Whether you are new or a veteran in this battle, our team of specialists plus our fully equipped center will enrich your child and family's life.

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